Online Bingo for Canadians

The following is a list of online bingo sites for Canadians, where you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home!

Bingo Cafe – Possibly the best online bingo site today! Play for free, or if you make a deposit get up to a $100 bonus.

Play free  bingo games. There is also chat. Also free video poker, free  sweepstakes.


No plug-ins or downloads are needed, just register and play for free against others in real-time for  cash.This is another site that has been around a while.

B2K Bingo

This site requires a large download and a login. I never could get connected to their Bingo Server to see the game. You can win points that are redeemable for gift certificates.

Play Bingo US

This is a website that lets player people play in the US.


This is another site that requires a download. They have lots of games and lots of patterns.

Instant Bingo

This site plays for points that you can redeem. Software download is necessary.

Play bingo now!